Illustration and Design

Since 2020, I have been focused on creating indie oracle decks with themes surrounding the American South. I am the author of The Southern Gothic Oracle, The Southern Botanic Oracle, with 2 expansion packs that enhance each of these.

I am currently at work illustrating and writing the prompts for a forthcoming Tarot deck with US Games Systems, expected release 2024.

I have illustrated and designed over a dozen children's books, both in print and interactive early-grade books for the iPad. I have also worked as a freelance illustrator for Highlights magazine.

I have always had a passion for large-scale art, and I have enjoyed painting murals and performing as a street chalk artist all over the country (ad beyond)!

My name is Stacey Williams-Ng. I’m a multidisciplinary artist from Memphis TN, and my workshop is called La Panthère Studios. 

My designs center around colorful and evocative themes, in particular the folklore of the American South. I’m interested in storytelling, magical realism, narrative, and the Southern Gothic genre.

Public art projects


Explore the work

01. Illustration

Since 2020 I have painted over 100 illustrations for the faces of oracle cards. Explore some of my favorites...

02. Public Art

I have done murals as large as  3 stories tall! But some of my favorites were just impromptu chalk paintings on the street. Have a look...


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