Storytelling for Designers on LinkedIn Learning

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to create a video course on and become one of their “Authors.” The course is still live as of this writing, and it’s called “Storytelling for Designers.” On a personal level, it was a thrilling experience because of how supportive their team was, how posh their recording studio was in California, and how wide their audience reach is. This video has been studies by over 200,000 students! I could never have had such impact in a classroom.

On a professional level, it was an enriching experience because as we all know, you can’t feel confident teaching something unless you have really done your homework. I basically had to teach it to myself first, and producing all that content for the course really forced me to bone up on a topic I’ve always cared about.

I mean, lots of designers can produce beautiful visuals. And I wouldn’t ever say I was one of the better ones in this regard. But I do know what I like, as they say, and as a Creative Director my job was to help my design teams excel for our clients. I know that the best designs (in graphic design, illustration, even in interiors) have a meaningful story behind them to add punch.

Check out the video course! You can sign up for a free trial to watch the whole thing.

Description: “Bring the art of storytelling into your designs. Learn how to borrow the tricks writers, filmmakers and advertisers use to tell great stories and apply them to graphic designs.”

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Stacey Williams-Ng

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