You Should Know Mural Artist Stacey Williams-Ng

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Meet Stacey Williams-Ng, the artist behind one of the two Milwaukee-area murals commissioned by 88Nine. A lifelong artist, learn how she transitioned from traditional studio art to the performance of chalk and mural work. Williams-Ng helped produce the Black Cat Alley project, which opened the door to many more recent mural works you can see popping up around the city now.

Artist: Stacey Williams-Ng
Location: Penfield Children’s Center, 833 N. 26th Street
Mural start date: July 31, 2017
Anticipated mural completion: September 10
Concept: Stacey’s concept plays on themes of rhythm, community and cohesion. It recognizes that music brings us all together and that differences disappear when we bind together as a community.

Click here to read the full interview on RadioMilwaukee!

Portrait of Stacey Williams-Ng by Shimon & Lindemann
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Stacey Williams-Ng

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